How do I get graded as a stunt performer?

Getting graded as a stunt performer isn’t  like most qualifications or licences. There are no courses you can do that give you the qualification at the end of it.  You must prepare your application yourself and submit it to the National Stunt Committee who will determine if you meet the requirements they look for in a person who wishes to get their first grading as a stunt action performer (SAP).

The first step to getting graded is downloading the Stunt Grading Procedure.

Then you will need to read it.

Multiple times.

After that it helps to find someone who is in the industry and knows how to actually go about submitting the application.

We can help with some of the training and putting together the application.

A more detailed online guide will be provided at a later date.

I’m graded! Now what?

Contact all the co-ords!


The following play lists have some good videos that you can watch to get an idea of basic stunt skills, how to film stunts and also some ideas for training.

Stunt Basics

Filming Stunts

Stunt Training Ideas